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In the summer of 1965 some friends from Volendam started to make music together. In 1966 this nameless band performed in a local club in their home town. Later this band became quite known under the name of BZN, meaning Band Without a Name.
The group became very popular in The Netherlands and the broad surroundings, like South Africa and Asia. After 42 years, on June 16, 2007, the story of BZN, the most successfull Dutch artist, will end with a final concert in Rotterdam AHOY'.
On June 19, 2015, 50 years after the band started, this special milestone in Dutch musical history was celebrated with the release of a special 27CD-box and a double-disc. Both these releases can be ordered at the double-disc "It happened 50 years ago" and the 27CD-box "BZN Complete".

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Monday, August 24, 2015
  • Discography: Dutch albums
    • The chart positions for It Happened 50 Years Ago (2CD) are updated.